Shore Scaffolding

Shore Scaffolding (sometimes called Raking Shore Scaffolding) is where a building or other structure needs support – quite literally, it needs shoring up. This could be where part of a building has been weakened over time and needs long term support, or where a structure needs extra support while it is modified.

We have extensive experience of designing and erecting shore scaffolding. Usually it will be a one-off design for a particular location. Our designs are responsive not only to the needs of our client and the building, but also to the needs of the public if there is pedestrian traffic nearby.

We also design and supply scaffolding for flying shore work. This is where two parallel walls need bracing, most often because without support they may collapse. This could be, for example, where one house in a terrace has been demolished. Usually this is temporary but will still require careful thought, taking into account party wall agreements and planning regulations.

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